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LITEXPO, which has been developing its activities for more than 50 years, is the major and largest centre for exhibitions and congresses, events of national importance and other events in the Baltic States. LITEXPO has also been a member of the UFI Global Association of the Exhibition Industry for 10 years. LITEXPO has the most modern spaces for expositions and conferences, and attracts exhibitions and international events in the Baltic region. This is a place to share knowledge and ideas, start international dialogues between culture and science, shape business trends and conclude important agreements.
We value partnership and transparent activities. We are motivated, innovative and competent.

33,600 sq.m.
– the total area of LITEXPO
5 exposition halls and 10 conference hallscomprise 18,500 sq.m.
Outdoor spaces –15,100 sq.m.

20 international exhibitions each year

3,000 participants each year

350,000 visitors each year

1,500 various events each year

Exhibitions allow sharing ideas, making important contacts, developing business and attracting new clients. Here you can see and learn about, as well as taste, smell, touch, experience and try everything that is being presented. More than 20 exhibitions and 1,300 various accompanying events are held at LITEXPO per year. We are proud about exhibitions such as Studijos (Eng. Studies), Resta (International Construction Exhibition), Adventur, Pelenė (Eng. Cinderella), Baldai (Eng. Furniture), Vilnius Book Fair, etc. that resound at LITEXPO and Lithuania. Many LITEXPO exhibitions have been awarded gold medals by the Lithuanian Product of the Year awards ceremony, whereas the Resta exhibition has won the recognition of the UFI Global Association of the Exhibition Industry.


Each year, the LITEXPO Conference Centre is the venue for around 200 events that attract more than 90,000 politicians, business representatives, and other specialists from all over the world. The LITEXPO Conference Centre has been chosen for the annual events of the Convene conference tourism exhibition and contact fair, the Global Lithuanian Economic Forum (PLEF), and other events. We are proud to have organised the events of the Lithuanian Presidency of the EU, NATO, Global Internet Governance Forum, meetings of the Ministers of the Community of Democracies, and the OSCE Ministerial Council meetings and conferences. The LITEXPO Conference Centre is not only a place for events of the highest national importance and international conferences, but also for small seminars, trainings, discussions and recreational events.
To plan and develop its conference activities, LITEXPO established the Litexpo events company. It is a professional conference organiser that provides all the services required by such business – from the location of an event and project management, to its full implementation.

One of the elements for successful participation in an exhibition is a unique and high quality stand. The unique project of a participant’s of exhibition stand allows a company to show its advantages, encourages interest and sales, promotes its brand name and strengthens its image. The LITEXPO team of professional architects and designers create conceptions of stands, plan individual stands, improved standard stands and standard stands. They also make their graphical shape and implement them during exhibitions organised at LITEXPO and abroad. The stands are designed using modern materials, and advanced technical, construction solutions.



Our mission – to provide professional and high quality services for exhibitions, conferences, congresses, forums and the national importance event organisation and maintenance, and other related services. We increase the long term value of business and ensure a creative, motivating and unified working environment for our employees, and we are a company that recognizes social responsibility.

    LITEXPO is the largest, major, leading edge exhibition and conference centre, which strives to become a widely known, technologically advanced organiser of large international specialised exhibitions and conferences in the Baltic States, as well as throughout Eastern Europe.

    We value partnership and transparent activities. We are motivated, innovative and competent.

    Increase of performance efficiency and business value
    Development of an exhibition organisation by increasing its internationality
    Development of current exhibitions and introduction of new events
    Development of conferences and events by increasing their market share and the number of large international events, while providing planning services
    Development of other services by increasing the scope of stand equipment and catering services during events at LITEXPO and outside its territory. 


The LITEXPO Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre is the only exhibition centre in the Baltic States that has belonged to the UFI Global Association of the Exhibition Industry since 2006. LITEXPO is a recognised member of the UFI in the categories of both exhibition organisers as well as exhibition centres. Such recognition is a very important and significant event in the history of LITEXPO. It means that LITEXPO is recognised as a modern world-class exhibition centre and experienced organiser of exhibitions. Having become a member of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, LITEXPO has received full rights to use the UFI logo, and the activities of the company and exhibitions are advertised through all UFI channels worldwide. Along with the exhibition centre, the LITEXPO RESTA exhibition has also achieved recognition by the UFI. This UFI recognition is only granted to high quality specialised exhibitions that meet the strict requirements of the Association, therefore, the UFI assessment provides the RESTA exhibition with additional weight on the international market. The UFI unites major global exhibition organisers and exhibition centres. The main mission of the UFI is to represent its members and the exhibition business worldwide.

LITEXPO is also a member of the:

Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists
Lithuanian Business Confederation
Lithuanian Business Employers Confederation
Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts
The Engineering Industries Association of Lithuania
Lithuanian Auto Entrepreneurs Association
German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce AHK
Italian-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce


 When organising exhibitions and events, LITEXPO maintains regular cooperation with different institutions, organisations and associations.

LITEXPO partners:

Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania
Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania
Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania
Vilnius city municipality
Education Development Centre
Lithuanian State Department of Tourism
Lithuanian Tourism Association
Lithuanian Chamber of Tourism
Lithuanian Road Administration
Lithuanian Auto Entrepreneurs Association
Lithuanian National Road Carriers Association LINAVA
The Engineering Industries Association of Lithuania LINPRA
Lithuanian Defence and Security Industry Association LDSIA
Lithuanian Association of Wood Industry Lietuvos mediena (Eng. Lithuanian Wood)
Lithuanian Builders Association
Lithuanian Association of Landscape Contractors and Ornamental Plant Growers
Lithuanian Apparel and Textile Industry Association
Light Industry Centre
Lithuanian Publishers Association
Lithuanian Culture Institute
Lithuanian Art Gallerists Association
Lithuanian Neighbouring Rights Association AGATA
Public Institution Versli Lietuva (Eng. Enterprise Lithuania)
Business news (Verslo žinios)
Lithuanian Business Confederation
Lithuanian Association of Hotels and Restaurants
Lithuanian Association of Restaurant Chefs and Confectioners
Lithuanian Cynological Society
Association of Hairstylists and Beauty Specialists

Business leaders – participants of LITEXPO exhibitions
The following successful, innovative and leading business companies are regular participants of exhibitions organised by the LITEXPO Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre: Paroc, Monier, Eika, Wienerberger, Paroc, Hörmann Lietuva, Novaturas, Tez Tour, West Express, Baltic Clipper, Baltic Travel Service, Zbiga, Vadasiga, JUNG Vilnius, KALBA.LT, American English school, FRAGRANCES INTERNATIONAL, Tich, Statga, Lintera, Sarma, BIOK laboratorija, Eslauda, Inter Cars Lietuva, Elinta, Ruptela, Adampolis, Volvo Lietuva, Transmitto, Amanda, Baltechnika, Baltijos automobilių diagnostikos sistemos, MBR parduotuvių ir restoranų įranga, Sanitex, Lietuvos geležinkeliai, Limeta, Arvitra Baltic, Metos, UCS Baltic, Alma littera, Šviesa, VAGA, Media Incognito, Tyto alba, BMK, Tavo Mokykla, Larenta, Sanistal, Brolis Semiconductors, Labochema, MP Dental, Plandent, Unidentas, DAB Dental, and many other organisations.