Over the year, LITEXPO organizes more than 20 international exhibitions and 1 300 various accompanying events. Every year our exhibitions are attended by over 3000 companies from many countries around the world. They are both, companies well-known in the business world, and young start-ups looking for partners and new business growth opportunities.  Number of visitors that come to the exhibitions is over 350 000 per year.

Exhibition is a place for sharing ideas , building important contacts, finding customers and new clients, and developing your business. Here, you can not only learn and see, but also taste, smell, touch, and experience, and have your hands-on to everything on display.

We are proud of exhibitions we organize. VILNIUS BOOK FAIR, STUDIES, RESTA, CINDERELLA, ADVENTUR and others promote LITEXPO and are well known not only in Lithuania, but in the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe, too. The construction exhibition RESTA has won recognition from the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry UFI.


Address: Laisves pr. 5. Vilnius, Lithuania
Mob. +370 682 45911, +370 615 19003

Registacija EPUS

Exhibition Organizing / Group I

Milda Gembickienė
Lina Jurkėnaitė-Borysovė
Indrė Reimorienė
Agnė Žekonytė
Unė Dabužinskaitė
Rasa Mikulevičiūtė
Greta Barysaitė
Vaida Daskevičienė
Gabrielė Pranckūnaitė-Voidė

Exhibition Organizing / Group II

Jolanta Masiulienė
Lilijana Dirsienė
Dovilė Vertelytė
Saulė Jančiauskė
Gabrielė Tarandaitė
Zita Miškinienė
Rūta Grėskaitė